Utilising the latest high efficiency biomass conversion technology to deliver renewable gas, electricity and steam for use by businesses on a ‘behind the meter’ basis, or for injection into the grid.

The Goulburn Murray Woka Yurringa Energy Project (‘woka’ means earth and ‘yurringa’ mean sun in the local Yorta Yorta language) is a transformational bioenergy and Circular Economy project, to be developed and centred in Victoria’s Goulburn Murray region, led by bioenergy developer, Valorify, in partnership with Yurringa Energy.

The Goulburn Murray Woka Yurringa Energy Project is designed to maximise the effective use of low-grade or excess straw and crop stubble, and other feedstock such as food processing waste, culled fruit and prunings and transforming them into renewable gas, electricity, heat and other valuable co-products such as renewable fertiliser, hydrogen and biomethanol.

It will provide renewable energy to local industry, small business and/or community using organic residue and wastewater derived biomethane, delivering energy on a long-term, cost competitive and stable basis, while diverting waste from landfill and/or making use of regional agricultural residues.

The project will work with Indigenous project partner, Yurringa Energy, to engage relevant partners with experience in renewable energy assets to identify the most cost-effective and robust solution, while managing the risks associated with environmental approvals.

<400,000 tonnes of straw
feedstock supplied
from local farmers

25-30% typical savings on gas & electricity

price volatility

Production of valuable

Working towards zero net emissions

Supporting industrial development and new business

Unlocking new income for farmers and job creation

“As a Yorta Yorta business, the GMWY project is a chance for Yurringa Energy to engage as a pioneer in the clean energy sector, while contributing to the decarbonisation of local industry. Built on a partnership with Valorify, this bioenergy platform is a natural fit for us, in effect combining the earth (‘woka’) and sun (‘yurringa’) to provide fuel in the form of agricultural residues and food waste to deliver low carbon energy to the region. It provides a strong link to Country and we hope will lead to a range of employment opportunities, training and stimulus for the Indigenous economy, in addition to offering a host of benefits to the broader Goulburn Murray community.”

Daniel Briggs
Managing Director, Yurringa Energy

project benefits

The Goulburn Murray Woka Yurringa Project will stimulate investment, lift regional GDP and create a range of exciting, clean energy jobs for local people. Based on an innovative First Nations’ partnership, Yurringa Energy will be a key partner and shareholder, creating wealth, facilitating employment opportunities and contributing to the self-determination of the Yorta Yorta people.

For the

  • Reducing operational costs and improving the efficiency/longevity of energy and industrial assets in the region
  • Reducing environmental impacts, including GHG emissions
  • Diversifying farm incomes and reducing or even avoiding burn-off and/or landfill practices
  • Working towards prosperity and parity, while supporting entrepreneurship in the Indigenous community
  • Potential alignment to Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) Priority Methods & emerging carbon abatement certificate schemes
  • Alignment to the Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy

    • Futures of Agriculture
    • Circular Economy
    • Learning for Change
    • Natural and Built Assets
    • Leadership and Coordination
  • Potential to achieve long-term, meaningful carbon drawdown
  • Creating permanent jobs
  • Supporting stable, quality electricity supply
  • Support ongoing investment into the Goulburn Murray region

farmers & suppliers

  • Removes the variability of market demand and price volatility
  • Avoids cost and risk of annual stubble burn-off or waste disposal
  • Payment to farmers, supporting regional economic growth
  • Presents a platform for improved carbon and nutrient management
  • ‘Opt in’ prospect for project investment for registered suppliers

Now seeking Expressions of Interest